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Seventy Seven Amazing Moonlight _Wendy__.jpg

Date of Birth: 26.05.2016

HD - B, ED - 0 • Eyes: clear • HSF4/CEA/PRA/DM/MDR1 - clear

NHAT - excellent

Breeder: Sheinina Nathalia (Seventy Seven) • Owner: Nazirova Anastasiia


4x Best Baby/puppy

Junior Champion of Ukraine

Junior Grand Champion of Ukraine

Vice Junior Europe Winner`17

3x Champion of Ukraine

Grand Champion of Ukraine

Super Grand Champion of Ukraine

Breed Champion of Ukraine

2nd in open class EDS`18

1rst in champion class on DK club show`18

Champion of Czech Republic

Champion of Lithuania

Candidate Hungarian Champion

International Champion

Best of the Best of Breed in Ukraine


1 x BIG, 1 x BIG-II, 2 x BIG-III, 1 x BIG-IV, 2 x BISj-II

Pedigree of Seventy Seven Amazing Moonlight
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