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Australian shepherd dog and Anastasia Nazirova


Dizzy Marble is a small kennel located in Ukraine in the suburbs of the capital.


Our dogs are our passion and family members first, show dogs second! Our goal is to raise outstanding Australian Shepherds that are not only beautiful but have good structure, superb temperaments, excellent health and make wonderful companions.


Breeding and showing dogs is not easy as it looks. It is not just about winning, it is about spending time with the animals we love.

We make no promises for “the perfect dog” but we do promise to stand behind our dogs for their whole lives. Each one is part of our family and hearts.


When I saw Aussie for the first time I fall in love. I was wondered how beautiful and different they could be and start searching for my own special dog. So I purchased my first aussie in 2016, a blue merle female named Wendy. With her began my love for the breed and my attraction to the show. We had many victories both in Ukraine and abroad. And when the time came for our first litter to be born. I met a wonderful person and a respected judge Timothy Thomas who helped me to choose a right male to make my first litter. I kept fantastic girl from this litter, as beautiful as her father McGee which became World Winner on that year. This girl give me even more opportunities to develop in the breed. And now we continue to move in the same direction.


That is the short version of my start in Aussies, and can't imagine a day without them in my life!


Please enjoy our website, we are very proud of our beautiful dogs and happy to answer any questions you may have.

Australian shepherd dog
Australian shepherd
Australian shepherd dogs Dizzy Marble
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